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Shop Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
10:00 AM til 6:00 PM

10:00 AM til 7:00 PM (Quarry Day)

10:00 AM til 8:00 PM

8:00 AM til 8:00 PM

Sunday (Summer / Fall)
8:00 AM til 4:00 PM


Our Location:
6635 Kingsport Highway
Gray, TN 37615

 The Thrill Of Diving!

It's difficult to explain the Thrill of Scuba Diving or the comfortable, peaceful feeling a diver experiences when in a weightless state underwater.  As you glide slowly over the tropical reef watching the ballet of thousands of beautifully colored marine creatures, you're immersed in a spirit of inner space that is nearly overwhelming and beckons you to stay.  The water is warm and clear as you search for that "perfect shot" with your underwater camera.  Then you realize you've moved to the edge of the the wall, where the bottom drops thousands of feet into wonderful blue infinity.  Your first emotion screams, "I'm Fal__... I'm Fal__... I'm   Flying" through this magnificent liquid universe! Then sometimes you get so comfortable that, just for a couple of seconds, you no longer feel that you're underwater at all.  It's then when you realize, it seems you could reach out and touch the face of God!  Barry Burton, 1980

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We Are the Only Full Service
PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Center
in East Tennessee

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We Are Ready, Ready, Ready for Sunny/Warm Weather!
Hope to See You for Our 3-Day Weekend Sales & Raffles Going On NOW!

E.F.R. & Nitrox40 Classes Full - Sunday!

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Sunday, June 4th

Welcome to Smoky Mtn. Divers
Tri-Cities' #1 Recreational & Technical Dive Facility
Come See Us, We're Here and Ready to Serve YOU!


PADI 5-Star Training Center S-3139
and PADI 5-Star IDC

Shop Address:
6635 Kingsport Highway
Gray, TN 37615
(423) 239-7333

3 miles from the Gray Exit #13 on I-26
5 minutes from "The" Gray Quarry!

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Attention "Master Diver" Students or those interested in Specialty Diver Certifications.  If you made an International Diving Trip with SMD over the last 12 months you can easily qualify for the BOAT or DEEP DIVER SPECIALTY!   Interested?   Call (423) 239-7333 and ask for Barry.

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  May 22nd - November 1st
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10:00 to 6:00

     Wednesday  (Quarry Day)     10:00 to 7:00       Friday                                    10:00 to 8:00

            Saturday                                  8:00 to 8:00                        Sunday                                    8:00 to 4:00                Other Hrs. By Appointment (423) 239-7333

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Smoky Mountain Divers Can Now Help Our Veterans Use Their GI BILL to Earn SDI/TDI Scuba Certifications.
Call SMD @ (423) 239-7333 with Additional Questions.

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Barry will teach Nitrox40 Saturday, 10:00-1:00 and again 2:00-5:00.   All you have to do is show-up and pay the course tution of $200. Certifications will be processed after class the same day.  Call (423) 239-7333 for Reservations. Earn Your Nitrox40 Certification.

Let's Go Divin' Yan'to?

*               *             *

PADI or SSI "Emergency First Responder" Course.

First-Aid & CPR Recertification or "First-Timer".

Call (423) 239-7333 for Reservations.

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Master Scuba Diver Challenge 2023

Certify as a Master Diver from SMD during the period December 1, 2022 thru October 28, 2023.  Your name will be entered for a drawing to be held at SMD on Saturday, October 28th at noon.  The Winner of the Drawing Wins a FREE 8-day, 7-night Roatan Dive Trip for 2 at the 5-Star, All Inclusive Mayan Princess Dive & Beach Resort.  This trip can be used on one of SMD's October 2024 Trips to Roatan.  Airfare Not Included.

*               *              *

Congrats! To Rob Pavitt!

You Just Won SMD's "2022

Master Scuba Diver Challenge",

1st Prize is a Trip for Two to Roatan this October 7-14!

*               *              *

"We Lead"

  *               *              *

We Still Take Care of Hundreds of Our SSI, TDI
& NAUI Divers that We've Certified Since 1972!
"YES, It Really Has Been That Long Ago."

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"The Land of the FREE"
Because of the BRAVE

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Eagle's Nest Hobby Shop


 Reopens with Target of Spring 2024
"THE BUNKER" @ Eagle's Nest

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Scuba Course Specials

I.  PADI Open Water Diver Certification

$575 + E-Learning
(PADI Charges You An Extra $179 for E-Learning Registration)
$650 includes Text & RDP
(DVD, Text, Instructor Led Classes & Academic Reviews @ SMD)
All Inclusive Pricing!
* The 4 Open Water Dives are scheduled for Gray Quarry during
Our Diving Season, and in the North Florida Springs November-April.
Florida Dives have a separate additional Trip Fee.

Interested?  Sign-up by Calling Us at (423) 239-7333

*               *               *
II.  PADI Advanced Diver Certification

Wreck Diver, Quarry Diver, Deep Diver, U/W Nav, *EANx,
Search & Recovery Diver, Altitude Diver, Night & L/V Diver.
Personalize Your Own PADI Advanced Course Content!

"You Don't Have Your Own Diving Equipment Yet?"
We Don't Furnish Scuba Equipment for Advanced & Specialty
Courses.  However, We Do Offer OUR Students a 1-Day Rental
Rate for the Complete Dive Course.  Schedule As You Will!

$405 + E-Learning
(PADI Charges Extra for E-Learning Registration)

$500 w/Crew Pack
(5 EANx Dives, DVDs, Home Study Academic, Instr. Led Reviews)
All Inclusive AOWD Pricing!*
* 5 EANx Advanced Dives are scheduled at Gray Quarry during
Our Diving Season, and in the North Florida Springs November-May.
You pay the Quarry Fee.  Florida Dives have an additional Trip Cost.

Interested?  Sign-up by Calling Usat (423) 239-7333

*               *               *

  CPR/1st Aid/AED Certification Available
"PADI EFR" Corporate or Private Programs
Taught at Your Site or In Our Classroom.
First-Time or 2-Year Recertification Programs.

Call SMD (423) 239-7333

 *               *              *

PADI NITROX Diver Specialty
When You're Ready!
$200 Including Certification Materials.

This puts your PADI Nitrox C-Card in your pocket!
Why Dive Air?  Nitrox is Safer!   It's All About . . . Time!
Call for Reservations (423) 239-7333.

*               *              *
Just Watch Us Grow in 2023!

*               *               *
Dive North Florida Freshwater Springs
To Be Announced 2023
$ 240.00
*               *               *


The World's Best Wreck Diving!
Scheduled "Truk Odyssey" Liveaboard

June 24 - July1, 2025

 *               *              *
Freedom Isn't Free!
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We Schedule Open Water Dives @
Gray Quarry to Complete PADI Certifications.
Sign-up for Open Water, Advanced, &
Specialty Course Qualification Dives.
Call SMD @ (423) 239-7333 for
Week-Day or Weekend Reservations!

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Smoky Mountain Divers
Come See Our Professional Dive Shop!
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We Certify "Dive Pirates" @ SMD

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My God's not Dead, He's surely alive,
Living on the inside, Roaring like a Lion!

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Smoky Mountain Divers 

Tired of Having to Order Everything from a Catalog? 
We've Got a Great Showroom . . . With Lots of Inventory,
and There's No Echo In Our PADI 5-Star IDC.
Why Not Drop By and See for Yourself ? 
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We Open Sunday for Your Dives
@ Gray Quarry
 We'll be Happy to Make Your Appointment to dive Gray Quarry.

 When You Need Us,  Give Us a Call.  We Plan to Help Make

Your Gray Quarry Dive Schedule for Open Water . . . Flawless!

Call Smoky Mountain Divers (423) 239-7333

Let's Go Divin' . . .  Yan'to?

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Sales Every Day
Shop @ SMD for Everyday Savings!
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"FUN" Atomic Products
Atomic SS1 Inflator/Regulators are Stocked in 7 Colors.

Add a Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Purple, Aqua or Black SS1 to the

BCD. The Atomic SS1 includes an adapter to fit about any BCD.

"Spiff-Up" Your Gear to Your Color Preference with ATOMIC.

 The Atomic Cobalt-2 Computer is In-Stock @ SMD.  The

Cobalt-2 is available in 7 Colors for 2021 for Your Approval.

Personalize Your Scuba Gear in 2021, and

Dive Gray Quarry.  You Can See the Difference!

*               *              *

SMD Sells Products
Distributed By:
Sherwood, Atomic, Akona, Liquivision,

Bare, Stahlsac, Suunto, Oceanic, TUSA,

Mares, Cressi Sub, Hollis, Genesis, Zeagle,

Ocean Reef, Dive Rite, Henderson, XDeep

& Shearwater Computers.

We "Stock" Great Scuba Diving Equipment!

 *               *              *

We Sell @ M.A.P. Pricing!
FREE Shipping to the Parking Lot.

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Gift Certificates;
The Perfect Gift Anytime . . .
Good for Any Amount, Use Like Cash,
Valid Forever . . .

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  Diving Stuff You'll Want to Know

Buy Your 2023 Gray Quarry Family Season Pass for $300. 

That's Right! The Pass is for All Divers under the same roof.
Be The First "Kid" in Your Neighborhood to Own a 2023
Gray Quarry Family Season Pass and Enjoy
"The Best Scuba Diving in East Tennessee".

 Receive a 2023 Medallion for Each Certified Diver in
Your Family. These Come With Each 2023 Annual Pass.
Proudly Wear it on Your BCD to Show Your Support of

"The" Gray Quarry!

Join SMD and Experience
the Best Quarry Diving in East Tennessee.
Let's Go Divin' . . . Yan'to?

 *               *              *

 Did You Know
Johnson City Medical Center has a Recompression Chamber?
The Hyperbaric O2 Therapy Chamber can be used for DCI
Injuries, as well as burns and wound therapy.
JC Medical Center Information;

Call (423) 431-2665  (Barry)
 *               *              *

We Stock the "Dive Alert"
Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue GPS
Dive "Supersafe" with DAN Insurance,
& the "Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue GPS"
Come by and See It, Touch It.  Heck,  Lick It If You Want Too!

 *               *              *
Come Home To Diving . . .
Visit Smoky Mountain Divers
"It Feels Like Being at Home."

*               *               *

  SMD Tank-Fill Shuttle Service
@ Gray Quarry for $1/Tank

Low on Air/Nitrox?
Call us @ (423) 239-7333,
We'll pick-up, fill & return your
 tanks.  Air $8 & EAN32 $12.
Turn-around time approx 45mins
(We need 6 or more fills to make the trip.)
  Let's Go Divin' . . . Yan'to?

*               *              *
We Bank EAN32 as a Service To You!

 *               *              *

"SMD Convenience",  Just One More Reason to 

Buy a GRAY QUARRY Family Season Pass!

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"Dive Safety". . . Is No Accident!
Friends Don't Let Friends Dive Stupid!
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Scheduling with our Full Service Scuba Shop
Is A Breeze!
Just Drop-in, or Call SMD @ (423) 239-7333
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Remember . . .

You Can't Get a Better "Scuba Gear" Price on the "Web".
SMD Prices are Based on "M.A.P." (That's "Web Pricing" Ya'll).
Hey! When You're @ Smoky Mtn. Divers . . . Shipping Is FREE!

*               *              *

Gray Quarry Tee Shirts In-stock
Long Sleeve & Short Sleeve Available
Now in 10 Colors

A Great Gift Available in 3 Designs.
"Dive the Cessna" Tees & Hoodies In-Stock.
  *               *               *

2023 "We'll Do This All Year"
FREE AIR FILLS for Gray Quarry Clean-Up.
Smoky Mountain Divers offers A FREE AIR REFILL
for volunteers working as "Clean-up Crew" at Gray Quarry!

*               *              * 

Use SMD's "Buddy Board"
Going Diving @ Gray Quarry and want to have some local folks
join you?   Give us a call @ SMD (423) 239-7333. We'll Post
Your Dive on the "SMD Buddy Board", Facebook, & Webpage.
*               *              *
For the Best Scuba Prices in the Tri-Cities
Shop @ SMD . . .
  Remember, At Smoky Mountain Divers
There's More To A Good Deal, Than Price!

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Smoky Mountain Divers
It's More Than a Dive Shop . . .
It's an Attitude!

*               *               *

Advanced Open Water Diver Course
Registration, Orientation, & Open Water Dives
Begin Every Day @ SMD!
More Info on Our "Upcoming Classes" Page.

*               *               *

  Open Water Dives
What Are Your Scheduling Needs?
"Come Work On Your Open Water Certification

or Your Specialty Dives."
Join Our Staff Instructors for an Open Water Dive Toward the Diving Specialty
That's Holding-up Progress Toward Your Master Diver Rating!

For Reservations; 

Call (423) 239-7333, E-mail or Drop By SMD

 *               *               *

Great News for Area Divers!
 Smoky Mountain Divers
Has been asked to Facilitate the Use of
Gray Quarry for the Diving Public.
We have set-up a very simple process;

1.  Come to Smoky Mtn. Divers for a Waiver/Release.

2.  Pick-up the Combination to the Gate.

3.  Pay the "Diver's Entry Fee" of $15 a Day/Night.

4.  Go Diving . . . "That's What We're Talkin' About!"

We Have 2 Season Pass Options for 2023

1.  Our Family Season Passes are "Immediate Family same roof."

2.  Our Gray Quarry Monthly Family Pass Cost $75 and Is Valid

     From the 1st Day thru the Last Day of the Month Purchased.

3.  The Annual Season Pass runs for the 2023 Calendar Year.

4.  The Annual Family Pass is $300 Dec. 2022 Special $250.

5.  Purchase the Season Pass @ Smoky Mtn. Divers during 2022/23.

*               *              *

Smoky Mtn. Divers'  "BOUNTY HUNTER" Program

SMD's Bounty Hunter is an Appreciation Award Program
established to Recognize Certified Divers Who Bring "New Blood" to the
Diving Community.  Here's How You Become an SMD "Bounty Hunter";
When a New Student of Any Level Signs-up for SMD Certification and
Gives Us Your Name, Your Referrence Will Be Noted on that Student's
Training Record File.  The Day They Certify, You Get a FREE SMD
Bounty Hunters Tee Shirt Showing Your Commitment to Diving Safety.

*               *               *

Happy Birthday "Wet Head"!

Pick-up a Free Gift Certificate for an Air Fill &
Gray Quarry Entry-Fee On Your Birthday.  Offer is Good
on Your Birthday Only . . . BUT Your Gift Certificate is

*               *               *

 What's Your Goal in Diving?

Open Water * Advanced * Specialty * Tek Diver
Most all International Certification Programs Require Open Water Dives.
To Schedule & Complete Your Qualification Dives, Call (423) 239-7333.
Master Diver * Divemaster * DCS * Instructor

*               *              *
Master Diver Students

 Altitude, Wreck, Deep, Navigation, Nitrox40,
Advanced EANx & Decompression Procedures,
or Night/Limited Visibility Dives. Your Choice!
What's on Your Mind?    Let's Go Diving!
Call Barry @  SMD (423) 239-7333

*               *               *

Thank You
for Choosing Smoky Mountain Divers.  We are a
PADI 5 Star Recreational & Technical Dive Training Center,
and the Finest Dive Facility in the Tri-Cities area.
We are also a PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Dive Center.

We invite You to Visit Smoky Mtn. Divers.
Let's Talk Diving . . . Heck,  Let's Go Divin'!

*               *              * 

Smoky Mountain Divers
The Professionals

Experience the Difference between a Profession, and a Hobby
Dive Season Never Ends at SMD

*               *              *

PADI Scuba Certification Courses,
We Start Those Every Day!
*               *              *

At Smoky Mountain Divers 

We Don't Care Who You Certified With, or Where You Fill YourTanks!
It's just Scuba Diving!   Check With Your Dive Buddy . . . Chances Are
They're Carrying at Least One Certification Card From SMD Anyway.

Life's Too Short To Miss A Good Scuba Dive!
This is for FUN Y'all!
Let's Go Divin' . . . Yan'to?

*               *               * 
Smoky Mountain Divers
Often Imitated! . . . Never Duplicated! 

*               *               *
**Winter Is Here! ***
Time to Service Your Scuba Gear!

 Keep Dive Gear in Good Working Order . . .
It Could Be a Matter of Life or Death!
We Service Valves, Regulators & BCDs.
*               *               *
Everyone has a Choice...

*               *               *
Shop at SMD
for the Best Prices & Service
in the Tri-Cities
*               *               *
Thank You!

for Supporting Smoky Mountain Divers
a Local, Family-Owned Business.
Our Customers are a Wonderful Blessing.
Marilyn, Zak & Barry Burton
*               *               *
Breathing Gas Fills
Air, Nitrox, O2, & TriMix Fills
Offered by "Certified Gas Blenders"    
*               *               * 

Let's Go Divin'. . . Yan'to?

We Proudly Sell: