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Barry's Log

The Thrill of Diving

It's difficult to explain the Thrill of Scuba Diving or the comfortable, peaceful feeling a diver experiences when in a weightless state underwater.  As you glide slowly over the tropical reef watching the ballet of thousands of beautifully colored marine creatures, you're immersed in a spirit of inner space that is nearly overwhelming and beckons you to stay.  The water is warm and clear as you search for that "perfect shot" with your underwater camera.  Then you realize you've moved to the edge of the the wall, where the bottom drops thousands of feet into wonderful blue infinity.  Your first emotion screams, "I'm Fal__... I'm Fal__... I'm   Flying" through this magnificent liquid universe! Then sometimes, you get so comfortable that, just for a few seconds, you no longer feel that you're underwater at all.  It's then that you realize it seems you could reach out and touch the face of God!  

Barry Burton, 1980

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